Join the Covid-19 Relief Challenge!

Join the Covid-19 Relief Challenge!

  • Mary Summerville
  • 07/30/21

Mary is kicking off her grandest fundraising endeavor through her COVID-19 Challenge. Between May 1 and June 30, 2020, Mary will donate $100 to the Rapid Relief Fund for every homeowner that reaches out to receive their free home valuation report. This zero-contact home valuation gives homeowners a better understanding of their home’s value, with no obligation to buy or sell.  

Call 847.507.2644  or email Mary with your address and she will donate $100 to COVID-19 relief!

Mary Summerville and her team are deeply dedicated to the Evanston community, where they work and live. In an effort to fight the coronavirus crisis head-on, Mary started a comprehensive campaign to raise awareness and donations for Evanston Community Foundation Rapid Relief Fund benefitting those affected by COVID-19. From social media to the web, and even donating her billboard on Green Bay Road, Mary is hoping to inspire people to read more about the fund online and donate to this worthy cause.  

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