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Top 1% Chicago Association of Realtors®

Top 1% Chicago Association of Realtors®

We’ve spent more than 30 years perfecting a business built on the exemplary results we’ve achieved for our clients. The secret to our success is our strategic sales approach combined with our comprehensive suite of resources. We’re not only able to shape an optimal sales plan; we can also prepare your home for market with our extensive team of cleaning and repair professionals, staging services, movers and much more.

When you work with Summerville Partners, you simply get the whole package.


From Preparation to Close


» Work together on pricing
» Promote listing on exclusive Top Agent Network to 10% of agents
» List property on Private Listing Network


» Discuss a pre-inspection
» Create a list of repairs and updates needed
» Custom interactive floor plan
» Each listing has an individualized website
» Coordinate photography
» Develop advertising plan
» Prepare printed marketing materials
» Install yard sign (if applicable)


» Enter the property into Multiple Listing Service
» Launch online advertising
» Real estate community outreach
» Direct marketing campaign
» Showings and open houses

To Close

» Monitor financing
» Manage Inspection
» Arrange final walk through
» Make sure closing is a smooth process

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Home Valuation
Sellers Transaction Roadmap

Sellers Transaction Roadmap

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Preparing Your Home for Sale

our plan

Preparing Your Home for Sale

The most important part of the pre-listing process is making your home the most appealing and
compelling home on the market. Here are 6 tips to help you succeed.


Sell Before You List

Sell Before You List


Top Agent Network

I am a member of Top Agent Network (TAN), an exclusive network for the top 10% of Realtors within the local market. Both platforms allow members to share listings with other brokers before the listing is posted for the general public on the MLS. Through TAN’s secure system, member agents help each other with: Pre/Non-MLS listings, Motivated Buyer Needs, and Service Provider Recommendations.

Summerville Partners is a member of TAN which is an exclusive network for the top 10% of realtors within the local market. It allows members to post listings prior to the MLS (similar to First Look). Through TAN’s secure system, member agents help each other with: Pre/Non-MLS Listings, Motivated Buyer Needs, and Service Provider Recommendations. This allows for a listing to be seen by the area’s top agents, directly marketing to a broader range of people before hitting the MLS.

The Private Listing Network

Consider an Exclusive Private Listing


The Inspection

The home inspection shall cover only the major components of the property. A major component shall be deemed to be in operating condition if it performs the function for which it was intended, regardless of age, and does not constitute a threat to health or safety. We may suggest a pre-inspection.

All Buyers Will Find Something in the Inspection

Hiring a handyman will take care of many of the common issues, but even new homes have some things that come up. We take those issues in stride, determine if they are legitimate and negotiate them.

The Shorter the List, the More Likely the Sale Will Close

A long list of tiny issues is worse than a shortlist of big-ticket items. Make sure all the outlets, smoke detectors, railings, etc. are in working order. Buyers get nervous when the to-do list is long.

Make Sure the House is Spotless

The buyers will be in your house for 3-4 hours. This is when they will be taking a really good look, measuring, and planning. They should be really excited and feeling good about the huge decision. A squeaky clean house reinforces their initial feeling that this is “the one”.

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Past Transactions

Negotiation Strategies

Selling your home is one of life’s most important milestones. Summerville Partners is dedicated to helping you make this experience a rewarding and satisfying one. Negotiating the best offer for you is our promise and below are a few things to consider during this process.

All Offers Are an Opportunity to Negotiate

An offer means someone thinks enough of a seat. your home to put pen to paper. Regardless of the initial terms, we never know what they are thinking or where they will end up so we should counter the offer and stick to our game plan.

We Should Counter All Offers

Not responding to an offer is counter productive and sets up an adversarial situation. You may only make a small move, but it keeps the conversation going.


There Are Factors Other Than Price

Financing, closing date, inspection terms and timing are all things to consider. We have found many times that the possession date is harder to work out than the price.

It Is Business, Not Personal

Buyers do not know you and they are not insulting your house when they make an offer you are not happy with. They are simply doing what they think is best for them. We continue to do what is best for you and try to work out a reasonable resolution. Getting emotionally involved or trying to figure out what the buyer is thinking is a slippery slope that will lead us nowhere.

We Play Our Game

Our goal is to get your house sold for the best price and best terms possible. Remember, you are in the driver’s seat.

Expected Market Activity

When Your Home Is on the Market, When Will the Greatest Interest Peak?

The real estate market timetable is very predictable to seasoned professionals. Summerville Partners sees the same pattern time and time again. When a home first comes on the market it generates a high level of interest among existing homebuyers.

The following breakdown is the expected market activity:

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