Why You Should Get A Pre-Inspection As A Seller

Why You Should Get A Pre-Inspection As A Seller

  • Summerville Partners
  • 08/29/23

In the dynamic world of real estate, knowledge is power. For sellers, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your property can make a profound difference when it comes to negotiations. According to Porch.com, 9 out of 10 buyers will use a home inspection, which gives them leverage for lowering your sale price. This underscores why it's vital to get your home inspected before selling - it allows you to regain control, ensuring that no unexpected issues catch you off-guard during the negotiation process.

Fast Facts about Home Inspections

According to Windy City Home Inspection, an astounding 86% of buyers acknowledged that their inspection highlighted at least one issue that needed resolution. A pre-sale home inspection can shed light on needed repairs, providing an opportunity to enhance your property's value and allure to potential buyers.

The results of these inspections are diverse. Nearly a fifth (19.7%) of home inspectors identified roofing issues. Electrical system problems were found by a significant 18.7%, while 18.4% spotted window defects. Plumbing system concerns were flagged by 13.6%, and water heater issues were detected by 12.2%. Such stats demonstrate the potential minefield sellers may face if they skip a pre-inspection.

The Advantages of Inspecting Before Listing Your Home

Catching Repair Issues Early

Being proactive about repairs is a strategic move. Undertaking a pre-listing home inspection can highlight necessary repairs that may otherwise escape your notice. It could be anything from plumbing issues to cracked windows. By addressing these repairs early, you can avoid surprising findings from a buyer's inspector, which could potentially derail your sales process.

Speeding Up the Home Sale Process

A pre-inspection can expedite the real estate transaction by eliminating roadblocks that could stall the deal. It reduces the chances of a buyer's agent coming back with a long list of repair requests after their inspection. The smoother the process, the faster you can close the sale.

Elevating Your Listing Price

Contrary to what most sellers might think, spending money on a pre-inspection could actually earn you more money in the long run. By conducting your own inspection and addressing any flagged issues, your home may be in such great shape that it justifies a higher listing price.

The Downsides of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Requirement to Disclose Significant Findings

One of the cons of a pre-listing home inspection is the legal obligation to reveal any significant problems found during the process. These disclosure laws are designed to protect buyers, but they may feel intimidating to sellers.

The Inspection Cost

Another con is the cost of the inspection itself. Depending on the size of your house and the extent of the inspection, you may need to spend money upfront. However, many sellers find that this cost is a worthwhile investment considering the potential benefits.

Additional Tasks on the Seller's Plate

Carrying out a pre-inspection might also add to your to-do list. If the inspector finds issues like water damage or carpenter ants, you'll need to arrange for these repairs before listing your property.

Navigating the Home Inspection Scheduling Process

So, how does a seller schedule a home inspection? It's simple. You or your real estate agent will need to find a reputable, professional home inspector in your area. You can then book an appointment for them to come and conduct a full inspection of your property.

Understanding Required Fixes after a Home Inspection

What needs to be fixed after a home inspection is largely up to the seller and potential buyer to negotiate. However, safety issues or any other legally required repairs, such as lead paint, should be addressed immediately.

Preparing Your Home for an Inspection

Getting your home ready for a pre-inspection involves ensuring that all areas are accessible and functioning properly. Clean up the property and make sure the inspector can easily access major areas like the roof, basement, and all interior rooms. This will ensure the inspection is thorough and accurate.

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