Ways to Increase Home Value by Improving Curb Appeal

Ways to Increase Home Value by Improving Curb Appeal

  • Mary Summerville
  • 07/31/21
Curb appeal is a term used by real estate professionals to refer to the first impression a property gives when it’s viewed from the street or sidewalk. Taking steps to enhance a property’s curb appeal makes it more marketable, can help sell your house faster, and may even secure a higher sale price. Not sure where to start? Let the following pointers guide you through the process of making your home stand out.

Use Professional Landscaping to Beautify Your Lawn

Nothing ruins the first impression of a house faster than a dead lawn. Ensure you are maintaining your yard with fertilization, aeration, watering, and mowing. Add edging around flower beds and along the garden’s perimeter to make for a more clean-cut appearance.

If you need help maintaining your lawn, you might want to think about hiring a  professional gardener to do the job for you. They can handle everything from planting to weeding, regardless of the season, which will ensure your lawn looks healthy and beautiful year-round.

Additionally, landscaping extras like lighting can make a big difference in how your home is perceived. Consider installing UV lights to illuminate the walkway to the front door. To establish additional privacy, install high hedges or a trellis that blocks out curious next-door neighbors. You can even add a fence, which can be appealing to house-buying families with kids and pets since this barrier keeps them from wandering off the property. 

Give the Exterior of the House and Garage a Deep Clean

Dust, pollen, and rain can take a toll on the exterior of your home. So, use a  power washer to give the house a deep cleaning. Get an appropriate detergent for vinyl, stucco, brick, or wood, depending on what material your house is made of. First, apply detergent. Then, rinse from the top-down, keeping about one foot of space between the washer’s nozzle and the house. Avoid vents as you spray or you’ll get water inside.

If you have a garage, give the door a thorough cleaning as well. Address other aesthetic issues, like peeling paint, if needed. Finally, clean the windows to get them sparkling. All you need is a squeegee, bucket, cleaning solution, and microfiber rag. If you have a two-story house with high windows, consider hiring a professional to do the job. They’ll have the tools to do it safely without taking a tumble from a tall ladder. 

Add Elements of Color for a Welcoming Appearance

One of the benefits of a lush lawn is the positive impact that the color green has on a person’s mood. According to Psychology Today, this hue has a relaxing effect on people. You want visitors to feel at ease in your house if they’re considering buying it, so subconsciously giving them positive vibes through color association is a smart move. 

Add additional pops of more vibrant colors to catch the viewer’s eye and draw them in as they approach the front door. You can do this easily by giving your mailbox a fresh coat of paint. Consider matching the shade to that of your doorframe. Another option is to add planters of blooming flowers on either side of the front door or to hang a seasonal door decoration on the knocker. 

Clear Away Yard Clutter Before Visitors Arrive

With the above steps taken care of, you can take stunning property photos to enhance your real estate listing. When people subsequently come to visit your home, give your front yard a quick once-over beforehand. Eliminate clutter, such as children’s toys and pet equipment, for a more pleasing appearance. Clutter actually distracts the brain and causes anxiety — an emotion you definitely don’t want to inspire in potential buyers when they stop by.

The above tips aren’t complicated and they can make a real difference. Seemingly small details, like brown spots on the lawn, can make or break a home’s curb appeal. Don’t take any chances when you’re trying to sell a property in the competitive real estate market. Take the above steps and ensure your house is looking its best.

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